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Affordable iStore offers a wide range of devices for every need. Tap the button above to fill out a quick form so that we may contact you to evaluate your unique needs, or download our product catalog to learn more.

Looking to upgrade your current iPhone, MacBook, iMac, or iPad? Consider allowing our team to evaluate your device for a same-day check or trade-in value in just 30 minutes. We would love to help you!

Our team has a combined repair experience of over 30 years with Apple products like your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or iMac. If there's an Apple logo on it, there is a good chance we have repaired it before!

Your friendly, neighborhood Apple experts are here to help you.

Watch our welcome video to learn about what we do and how we can serve you. With over thirty years of combined experience under our belts, we think you'll love the quality of work we provide and the turnaround time as well.

Typing on a Computer
Quality Computers That Won't Break the Bank

At Affordable iStore, we offer a wide range of products to meet every need. Whether you're a photographer looking for the perfect photo filter in Adobe Lightroom, or a business owner glancing over spreadsheets, we've got you covered.

Jim on Facebook

This place is awesome. The staff is not only knowledgeable, they actually care about your specific needs. Honestly, it was the best customer service I've experienced (from any business) in a long, long time.

Teryn on Google

This place is so great to work with. Always very timely and prompt with services and you never feel pressured to buy things unnecessarily. They’ve fixed multiple phones of mine and were great every time.

Cheri on Facebook

I was ready to go buy a new one for $2,000 but after talking to them decided to upgrade the hard drive and storage and replace the battery for about $500. Wow - It's like I have a brand new computer!


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